Alex Cotter


Starting with the important info: I love a bear, any bear. Even the fake grass variety. 

I also love history, the sea, trees, and researching the correlation between writing and eating chocolate (research, honest).

Other random information, working backwards:

  • I write children's books. I also have some other lovely jobs, all involving words, including working with the British Neuroscience Association.

  • Home is now near Bath, with my family, a revolutionary cat called Trotsky and too many woodlice, wasps, webs. In a creaky, crumbling old house that we're sure (50% of us anyway) also has ghosts. 

  • I've lived almost everywhere: London, Sheffield, Chester, Middlesbrough +...

  • School: New girl, constantly new girl. Oh, what, not new girl again? Yes, new girl again.

  • I decided to become a writer at seven. From then on all I did was write, read, watch films (nothing's changed).

  • Born: Luton. Mwaaah!

Get in touch!

I would LOVE to hear from you. 

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